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That’s how one FWIW reader describes certain houses, and though I’m not sure it applies to this house, 268 Round Hill Road has been kicking around for a while Today it dropped to $6.8 million, down from its 2014 opening ask of $10.5.

It sold for $6.4 in 2005, then $6 million in 2007, so the trend was beginning to be discernible, The agent responsible for listing it at $10.5 in 2014 described it as having undergone in 2008 “an exquisite and complete remodel, restoration, and renovation [and an addition]. No expense was spared”, and I believe it. For 1968. construction, this house is absolutely top quality, and it should be remembered that there were builders in Greenwich constructing fine homes back then — not many, perhaps, but this was clearly built by one of them.

All that said, the current owner’s costs sunk into renovating the house she purchased for $6 million fourteen years ago have surely been lost.

Still, nice house, and who knows? Maybe it’s a bargain now.