We're living in the crazy years

30-year-old politician refuses to resign after picture of him as a 16-year-0ld in black face surfaces.

State Rep. Anthony Sabatini, a 30-year-old Republican representing House District 32, said the image showing him as a teen with darkened skin while wearing sunglasses, a New York Yankees cap, a do-rag and gold chains has been “decontextualized” since his days at Eustis High School, the Orlando Sentinel reports.

“I’m 16 years old, one of my best friends of the time was black, and we thought at the time – looking back, it was immature – it would be funny to dress as each other,” Sabatini told the newspaper. “He dressed in my clothes – a Ralph Lauren polo shirt, shorts, Converse – and I dressed in his clothing … None of us thought 14 years later any of us would be a public figure and the photo would be decontextualized.”

Virginia’s governor’s predicament is amusing, simply because it’s fun to watch Democrats squirm, but really: are we seriously planning to go back 30-40 years into people’s lives as teenagers and see whether their adolescent behavior disqualifies them from public service, or even private employment? In the case of, say, burning small animals alive, say, bring it on. Otherwise, let it go.