Phew! Just when I was about to report that there's practically no real estate news to report except rentals, here's a (pending) sale

martin dale.jpg

One Martin Dale (one lot removed from North Street), $4.795 million, is under contract. New construction, the lot was purchased for $2.1, which makes me feel good, because I represented a client who paid that much for a similar property just down the street a few years ago, and it’s gratifying that property values are holding up.

But sheesh, almost all our current real estate activity seems focused on rentals these days. I’m hopeful that there are a large number of deals in the making, but judging from my own small handful of clients and the daily hot sheet report, no one seems to be in any hurry to commit. I’m a completely no-pressure agent, doubtless because I’m independently wealthy, getting by on my good looks and charm, but for those less fortunate realtors working the street, these must be trying times.