What I've missed from failing to follow mainstream media the past couple of decades. Lawrence Tribe's descent into crazed senility

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This guy was a respected constitutional scholar back in the 1980s, but now he’s just a whacked-out conspiracy spouter. I haven’t read Newsweek since, I’d guess, college in the 70s, so I was astonished, when Duck Ducking Lawrence Tribe, to discover that he’s a regular contributor to the magazine (surprised to learn that it still exists, actually), and he seems to have a rabid following. I’d thought I was keeping up, sort of, with modern culture by prowling the Internet, but I’ve obviously been missing a huge portion of the crazies out there.

Here, he claims that Trump will stage some sort of coup and remain in office if he loses in 2020.

Last week, he claimed that we’ll be going to war with Iran so as to benefit Trump’s son-in-law.

The top link to a Daily Caller article cites many crazed accusations, all later disproved, about conspiracies involving Saudis, Russians, Mike Pence’s impending indictment, etc. What shocks me, though, are the comments to the Newsweek articles I’ve lined to: there is apparently an audience of readers who believe this stuff, and, I suddenly realize, probably comprise half the nation.

Whoo, boy, are we in for a fun time.