Google continues its campaign for evil

We’ve had to revise our motto bit, but don’t worry; we’re doing this for your own good

We’ve had to revise our motto bit, but don’t worry; we’re doing this for your own good

The company is already cooperating with China to shut down dissidents, now it’s turned its attention to this country and is blacklisting a number of conservative web sites, including what any sane person would consider a main-stream-conservative publication, The American Spectator. The Spectator has been publishing for 52 years now, and I’ve been reading it for just about as long. It hasn’t changed its politics, opinions or how it expresses them. What has changed is the new determination of the left to destroy all opposition. As an aside, as recently as last December, Google’s CEO testified under oath before Congress that Google does not manually interfere with search results. His perjury has now been uncovered — can we expect an indictment?

And as another example of Google and its leftist allies campaign to silence anyone who doesn’t toe the approved line, the linked-to article offers this:

[Discussing] the recent hiring of Heritage Foundation president Kay James for a Google advisory board on artificial intelligence — only to be fired after some 2,000-plus Googlers launched on the conservative Ms. James for, among other things, being a “white supremacist” — laughably unaware that Kay James is, in fact, an African-American. She was also accused of not seeing gays “as human.” In fact, Kay James has a beloved son who is openly gay, and as reported here in the Washington Times is “adored” by her son’s LGBTQ community.

What was on display at Google in the James affair was hardcore, blatant racism. James had the audacity to think for herself — and the masters and mistresses of the Liberal Plantation that is Google unleashed the high-tech company’s politically correct dogs to chase down a black woman who does not think as they demand — and eliminate her presence.

This is no longer some minor bug in the tech world.