Round Hill land sale?

round hill.jpg

481 Round Hill Road, a 1959 house that looks as though it’s remained untouched for the past 60 years, has sold for $2 million.It sits on a beautiful, 4.5-acre lot, albeit one north of the Parkway, but the desperation of the house might scare off anyone thinking of renovating this: big job.

“Tennis court likely needs resurfacing. The pool has been closed for several years, the heater has been disconnected.” That doesn’t speak well of the condition of the actual house itself.

Give the broker credit though, because in the 10 months this property was listed, he held 20 public open houses and 14 agent-only tours. That’s a lot of scalping up the back country for a house that sold for just $2 million.

Yellow Formica is the new black granite

Yellow Formica is the new black granite