Wojciech Fibak got out when the going was good.

36 Perkins Road

36 Perkins Road

The Polish tennis star sold 36 Perkins Road for $985,000 in 1987 and returned to his home country that year. With the Soviet Union forced out, Fibak, according to Wikipedia, became the richest man in Poland, and now spends his time between Warsaw and Monte Carlo. Subsequent owners have not fared as well.

One Steven Lee somehow convinced Cathay Bank to loan $9,958,100 on the property in 2007 and one hopes that 36 Perkins was just part of the security for that loan, because when the bank reclaimed the property and resold it in 2014, the sale yielded just $2.1 million.

Still another purchaser appeared, stripped the house down to the studs, redesigned it, and put it back up for sale in 2015 for $6.2 million. That’s been no more successful than that $10 million loan was, and today the price has been marked down to $3.5 million.

The town appraises it at $5,165,800, which, while clearly wrong, might at least indicate that $3.5 is in the ballpark of reasonable value.

Or not — stay tuned.