Say goodbye to all that?

(Yet another) attempt to break Realtors’ monopoly on home sales. This one, too, may be unsuccessful, but sooner or later, and probably sooner, the career of real estate agent will go the way of travel agents. (In fact, though I’ve never checked, there are probably a lot of former travel agents working in real estate these days.)

I continue to think that a good buyer’s agent brings value to a transition, and I personally would no sooner trust a sellers gent to advise me on the merits of her listing than I would turn over my wallet to a politician for safekeeping, but that’s the future, I believe. Fortunately for me, I’m not looking to extend this gig another decade.

"What I feel almost protective about, in this really sad elegiac way, is the MLS," [Redfin CEO Glen Kelman] said. "Scientists believe that the dinosaurs were living a very marginal existence when the asteroid hit. I think the ecosystem in real estate is already just extremely vulnerable."