By golly, you can still sell a building lot in Conyers Farm

1073 Lake.jpg

1073 Lake Avenue has sold for $6.050 million, a disappointment, perhaps, to the seller, who originally listed this for $12.9 million, but a sale nonetheless. I‘m having a bit of trouble deciphering the listing: it’s officially two lots, with two separate building sites, but the listing seems to imply that the owner who builds here will want to use both to build one home. And how much of its 45 acres is underwater?

Whatever. Here’s a promo film featuring the listing agent and builder Matt Mathews, who over the past two or three decades built many of the houses in Conyers; he builds a quality home, and knows the territory.

Will anything ever be built here? Who knows? Conyers land buyers seem to change their mind about building after plans are drawn up, but this one may buck that trend.