Even when he's not busy engaging in psychotic behavior, Florida Man's a careless fool



Florida man “wins” tax action, pays $9,000 for worthless piece of land.

A Florida man thought he'd landed a steal when he bid on a $9,100 Florida villa in an online auction but ended up buying a strip of grass running in between two homes - and officials say there's nothing he can do about a refund. 

Kerville Holness thought he purchased the Tamarac villa, worth $177,000, during a Broward online auction of properties that defaulted on their taxes. 

But it turned out he had purchased a one-foot-wide, 100-foot-long strip of grass on Northwest 100th Way in Spring Lake - a measly piece of land worth just $50. 

The piece of land starts at the sidewalk curb where two mailboxes stand and goes under a wall separating the garages of two adjoining villas, then extends to the backyards of the homes

….It's not clear why the strip of land was never attached to either of the adjoining properties but remained in the possession of developer GHO Tamarac II. The company dissolved and taxes stopped being paid on the property, leading to the auction in March. 

…. [Buyer]: 'If I’m vindictive enough, I can cut right through the garage wall and the home to get to my air space, but what use would that be to me?'

The town won’t pay, and the homeowners say they won’t pay, either. My suggestion to Florida Man is that he forget being nice, and threaten to tear that access strip through the two houses. The owners, in turn, can turn the claim over to their title insurance company, who I’d think are on the hook for missing this title defect. Heck, if I was admitted to the Florida Bar, I’d take the case, just for the fun of it (and a 1/3 contingency fee).