No ICE detainer allowed in Washington state, so freed rapist attacks victim again

Or something

Or something

Sanctuary for whom?
Authorities in Washington state are hunting for a man who last weekend allegedly assaulted the same wheelchair-bound woman he was convicted of raping in September just three days after his release from jail. 

Officials with King County Sheriff's Office believe 35-year-old Francisco Carranza-Ramirez has fled to his native Mexico to avoid prosecution for this latest attack. "He actually assaulted her, hit her with something her on her head, knocking her off her wheelchair and then he strangled her, threatening to kill her," said Sgt. Ryan Abbott with the King County Sheriff's Office.

Prosecutors wanted Carranza-Ramirez to be supervised after his release, but the judge opted to let him return to Mexico as he requested at sentencing.

But the problem is that Carranza-Ramirez had to do it himself without an escort and was simply required to provide the state proof that he had returned.

This oversight may have led to the victim being assaulted again. Part of the problem [sic] may be with the state’s sanctuary laws for immigrants because prosecutors, judges and jail workers were not allowed to ask Carranza-Ramirez's immigration status or contact ICE to make sure he returned to Mexico as promised.

“The state has effectively blocked us from accessing any sort of state law enforcement databases and we cannot access the detainees themselves in local custody,” said Bryan Wilcox, Acting Field Officer Director for ICE. “So, we have to find sources of information that are available to the public to try and determine who is in the local jail so often times we are only going to know after the fact.”