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She’ll plead under the Allford Doctrine, no doubt

She’ll plead under the Allford Doctrine, no doubt

$110,000 cash falls from under Realtor’s skirt when she’s pulled over for drunk driving

North Carolina police said nearly $110,000 fell out of a DUI suspect's dress after she was arrested for driving through a crowd of people at a concert. 

Catherine Allford, 63, allegedly drove through a restricted area that was blocked off for a customer appreciation event at Bert's Black Widow Harley-Davidson.

Witnesses yelled for Allford, who works in real estate with her husband, to stop as she drove her gray Fiat through the crowd of people.

According to the Charlotte Sun, Allford continued to drive toward the stage and band area where she allegedly ran over a man's foot. 

Allford then reversed her car and attempted to leave the scene but she hit a curb instead. 

Witnesses then stood around her car until police arrived.

Police told the Sun that when they arrived Allford was sitting in her car crying and attempting to hide something. 

When police asked Allford to exit the vehicle, she refused.

The deputy then tried to escort her from the car, but she pulled away and fell to the ground. 

When the deputy helped her up, bundles of cash began falling from under dress.

When asked why she had so much money, Allford told deputies she was in real estate.