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As I’m sure all FWIW readers know, on June 25, 1876, Custer and his men conducted their last stand out in South Dakota, near the banks of the Little Big Horn.

It’s not just historical revisionists who say that Custer had it coming; many of his contemporaries blamed his death on his impetuous arrogance for leading a handful of troopers against thousands of angry Lakota, but the Fountain family owes him a debt of gratitude anyway.

Back in June, 1864, during the Battle of Cold Harbor, great-grandfather John Caldwell was captured and held, along with other Union prisoners, at a nearby railroad station to await a train that would carry them to Andersonvile and quite possibly their death. Up rode General Custer and his unit; they drove the Confederates away and freed Caldwell, who eventually went on to riches working with the Westinghouse brothers in Pittsburgh and, best of all, sired my grandmother, Elizabeth Caldwell Fountain. Good job, George, and thanks.

Sorry about June 25th.