New Listing on Dingletown


A slow day for real estate transactions, but 85 Dingletown Road has been listed, for $4.750 million. Built in 2016 as a custom home, I assume the owners’ plans changed unexpectedly; because of something good, I hope.

In any event, the house is a refreshing change from the tedious, pseudo-Colonial spec houses usually put up in town, and though I don’t think I’d personally feel comfortable living here, that’s a judgement based entirely on viewing a few pictures, rather than actual experience. More sophisticated buyers’ who don’t bring home muddy dogs and shotguns — I’m told not everyone does — might very well feel at home.

Dingletown itself can be an annoying road, slow and twisty, but No. 85 is right across from Doubling, so there’s a straight shot to town.

As for price, who knows, these days? There’s a big inventory of unsold houses in this price range, but almost no high-end contemporaries, so this one may have that narrow market to itself, and that’s not a bad place to be.