Greenwich Democrats nominate a First Selectman candidate who promises to devote her energies to defeating Trump

Belle Haven: Jill Oberland Sanctuary Camp

Belle Haven: Jill Oberland Sanctuary Camp

You might think that a municipal politician has enough to do addressing local issues, but in the new world of wokeness, you’d be wrong. Jill Oberlander vows to do to Greenwich what her fellow pussyhats in Greenwich Invisible are attempting to accomplish in the formerly nonpartisan Representative Town Meeting.

“We’ve been thoroughly disappointed by the failure of local Republican leadership to call out the utter breach in standards, discourse and respect for the institutions of democracy,” Oberlander said. “Every day there is another story that wrenches one’s heart and soul. It is so constant that we become inured to it, and we start to think of it as the new normal. But it is not normal, and it is not OK.”

Elected leaders in Greenwich should show more “moral courage,” she said. The town deserves more “than an evasive response of usually along the lines of, ‘We don’t need to talk about national issues here in Greenwich’,” she said.

“What we are talking about is respect, decency and protection from bullying and hate, things we should be able to expect in this wonderful community,” Oberlander said.

Why, exactly, does Greenwich “deserve” a government that insists on impotently voicing opinions on national politics? What did we do wrong?