"Team USA"? No thank you

Happy happy, joy, joy?

Happy happy, joy, joy?

The team of women who just won the soccer cup claim that they represent the United States, but why? Their team leader, who kneels, has vowed that she’ll “probably never sing the National Anthem again”, and she and a team mate tossed this country’s flag in the dirt at the conclusion of the game. New York City is throwing the team a parade, and that seems apt: I’m sure the sophisticated Manhattanites who will be cheering are just as ashamed to be American as the women are, so it will be a wonderful day of unity for all.

But leave me and my country out of it.

UPDATE: It is midfielder Kelly O’Hara who you see rushing in to retrieve the flag from the ground. Maybe President Trump can offer her a private tour of the White House

(And attention, all you losing teams from other countries: you might look into recruiting some transgenders. Hell, a Texas under-15 boys soccer team beat these women, easily.)