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They’re all the rage in Silicon Valley

They’re all the rage in Silicon Valley

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(Go to this ink for the playable video, which your techno illiterate host can’t manage to post for himself. The video perfectly captures this ingratiate’s arrogance and petulant demands and is fun to watch, so long as you’re not a seething British taxpayer)

Miss Abubaker takes particular umbrage at being offered a converted shipping container as a home: “we are not animals, we are not storage — we are human beings and deserve a real home.” Not only does she fail to explain why she “deserves” anything for free, let alone a house that meets her specific demands, Abubaker chooses to ignore the thousands of young professional people currently living in storage containers, all with the NYT’s blessing. That paper published an article as recently as 2017,  “Coming Home to a Shipping Container,” in which the Old Grey Whore described the houses as “eco-friendly” and “affordable”:

“Containers are loved by the hip and the practical, artisans and DIY-ers, engineers and construction foremen, as they are both sustainable and affordable. And used 20- or 40-foot containers can be obtained for as little as several hundred dollars apiece, so it’s not surprising that some industry professionals consider them the future of home building,”

Don’t think of yourself as deprived, Lulu, consider yourself a pioneer living on the cutting edge of fashion.

From the linked-to post:

“It's a prison having children here,” [Lulu] Abubaker told Sky News. “For over eight years now we've been moving from one property to another - coming here is just a mental torture.”

In the multiple interviews she has given to news stations, no husband has appeared to voice his opinions, leaving one to wonder where the hell he is. Perhaps her life choice to have multiple children with an absent father (or multiple absent fathers) has something to do with her living condition. Nothing seems to be stopping this woman from getting a job to improve her situation, but that doesn’t seem to be an option she wants to exercise.

In Abubaker’s case, she isn’t even new to the country, but has been there twenty years. Two decades have gone by, and she still can’t support herself and her family and apparently still qualifies for free housing! (Sidenote: this is the same crowd the left wants us to import to America.)

Lulu already has spawned four children, including a brand new one. So while living on the dole, unable to support herself and three children, she decided that what Britain needed more of was a forth little Lulu to pay upkeep on. To quote OCA, “send her back”.

(Or just force her to watch this tear-jerker)