This sort of thing stopped happening here after the Greenwich Association of Realtors came down hard on the practice

Well this sucks

Well this sucks

Randy Realtor risks racy reveal

Real estate agent Miguel Calvo, of Benchmark Realty, uploaded a sexy selfie Tuesday to the online listing of a 2,900-square-foot, four-bedroom home asking $399,000 for sale, Scoop Nashville reports.

Beyond photos of the home’s charming brick exterior, roomy eat-in kitchen and formal dining room, prospective buyers also got a hot shot of a naked Calvo, snapped through a mirror, apparently receiving fellatio from what appears to be a much younger woman.

The unidentified real estate lover is naked and on her knees on the bed, with her pink flip-flops located just off to the side.

The racy image has since been yanked, but Calvo told the publication that the photo was of him and that he indeed uploaded it, though he wouldn’t say if it was on purpose or accidental. He would also not confirm who the female in the photo was.

It also doesn’t appear that Calvo ever officially had the listing for this home, located at 137 Saxon Mist Drive, which hit the market this week, per

“We expect all our member agents to be of stand-up character”, stated I. C. Depravity, president of the Nashville Board of Realtors, after the realtor’s over-the-top sales efforts were exposed, “so this gentleman is facing some stiff discipline, and that won’t be limited to some soft tongue lashing, I can promise you that. Still”, he conceded, “how hard can we be on an agent who stands up so firmly when representing a homeowner? It’s a sticky situation.”