It would be the greatest home improvement in years

“Sod off, Swampy”

“Sod off, Swampy”

Gown the drain: Trump wants to turn back the clock and bring back dishwashers that work. Will washing machines be in the next cycle of regulatory reforms?

For years, consumers have complained about slower, noisier dishwashers that produce dirtier dishes, the result of tighter federal efficiency regulations that the Trump administration is now seeking to unload.

The Energy Department last month proposed a rule to create a new dishwasher product class that would finish a normal cycle in an hour or less by using less stringent energy standards than permitted under the current rules.

Sam Kazman, general counsel of the free-market Competitive Enterprise Institute, which led the charge for the regulatory clean-up, said the ever-tighter restrictions on energy and water have produced machines that take twice as long without getting dishes as scrubbed as earlier models.

“Basically, these dishwashers have turned into crap, and it is solely the result of the Department of Energy’s so-called efficiency regulations,” said Mr. Kazman.

He cited data from Consumer Reports showing that average wash times have increased from about 70 minutes in 1983 to 140 minutes in 2018 as manufacturers slow down the cycles to “compensate for the negative impact on cleaning performance,” as the department acknowledged in 2016.

Naturally, the global warming hysterics are screaming, but these are the same people who imposed this nonsense on us in the first place, using the equally-erroneous claim that we were going to run out of oil by the year 2000, and their next tactic will be to call the move “racist”.

The real point of regulations like these, like bans on plastic straws and mandatory composting is to exert governmental control over the plebes and remind them who’s boss. Inconveniencing the citizens is intended, as a plastic straw banner said recently, while acknowledging that the ban itself was useless, “to get people thinking about the environment”. And to instill a sense of self-righteous superiority in the woke set.