First as tragedy, second as farce

meadow wood.jpg

45 Meadow Wood Drive, located in Belle Haven n the shadow of I-95, has cut its price again and is now asking $11.9 million.

Erected by a spec builder, it was priced at $17.9 million in July, 2007, and finally sold for $6 million in 2014. That buyer, the current owner, futzed around with it a bit and returned it to the market in April, 2018, at $16.250. The results are as noted above.

Both the original builder and this owner seem to have confused a whopping-big piece of construction with an equally-sized price tag, but they should have raised up their eyes to the hill above and behind them and noticed the looming presence of the Governor John Davis Lodge Memorial Weigh Station, pride of the Connecticut Turnpike. Therein lies their problem.

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