Real estate activity!

35 Lockwood Road 35 Lockwood Road closed at $2.7 million; it had asked $3.275. This house sold new in 2005 for $2.950 and I was a little surprised that it took so long to sell this time - it's a nice house. It was discussed here before as it lingered on the market, and readers were able to point a number of flaws, including its lack of a yard, but for all that, $2.7 seems like a decent price, for the buyer.

33 Lockwood Avenue

And also on a Lockwood, but Lockwood Avenue, in Old Greenwich, No.35 also sold for $2.7 million. Lockwood Avenue is just about as busy as its namesake in Riverside, but this house is put back a bit by sitting on a little spur "road" - actually a three-house driveway. Constructed  by a good builder, though he did end up in jail for bank fraud: hey, nobody's perfect.

195 Lake Avenue

195 Lake Avenue has a pending contract after just 40 days, so presumably it's going for close to its asking price of $1.875. Not my favorite part of Lake, but it is close to town, and the sellers did a bang up job bringing this 1754 home into a very livable home; it now has indoor plumbing and central heating, for instance, so I get it.

60/62 Oneida Drive

60/62 Oneida Drive, two separate building lots comprising six acres of direct waterfront and asking $21.9 million, is also pending. I don't know what the final price will be - it was asking $25 million back in 204, then spent a year being marketed as two separate lots during 2015, now it's finally going. We'll wait and see.