Well it takes one to know one, but if it's a Democrat, love is blind

Well sure, if you squeezed me by the balls I'd squeal a bit, that doesn't mean I wouldn't still want to be your boy toy Henry Blodget, who was himself permanently barred from the securities industry for lying to his clients, is out with his horrified prediction of what a Trump residence will be like:

  • President Trump will also maintain the relationship to the truth that he has had throughout his campaign. Namely, he will cite actual facts and truth only when they help him. When the truth is inconvenient, President Trump will lie, deny, attack and threaten truth-tellers, speak in platitudes, and change the subject. The Trump administration will likely be one of the most secretive, most dishonest, and least transparent in modern history.

Sounds exactly like a description of a Clinton administration, not Trump's.

(Oh, reading to the bottom of his screed, I see that he's made the inevitable prediction that we'll witness Trump morph into a reincarnation of Hitler. What a genius.)