Hold it men, he's not bluffing!

According to the WSJ, Trump's been hard at work on the transition, and it appears he's actually going to follow through on his promises. I was content to have the Supreme Court secure for the next 4 or even, fingers crossed, eight years, but the man could fundamentally transform the country, as Obama promised and almost achieved. Difference is, Trump may save the country, rather than bring us down to a Third World kleptocracy.

Mr. Trump sketched a broad outline of his first days in office during an October speech in Gettysburg, Pa., ....

His actions, he said, would be aimed at cleaning up corruption and “special interest collusion.” He promised to protect American workers, and “restore security and constitutional rule of law.”

The plan included a hiring freeze on new federal workers, with exceptions for positions in the military, public safety and public health. He promised to eliminate two regulations for every new rule created. He wants a five-year ban on lobbying for officials who leave the executive and legislative branches of government.

In his first days in office, Mr. Trump plans to announce he will reopen the North American Free Trade Agreement, and will withdraw from the Trans-Pacific Partnership. He plans to order his commerce secretary to identify, and then remedy, all foreign trade “abuses that unfairly impact American workers.” He plans to lift restrictions on tapping energy reserves, approve the Keystone Pipeline, and cancel billions in payments to United Nations climate-change programs.

The New York businessman has vowed to cancel President Barack Obama’s promise to protect from deportation undocumented immigrants brought to the country as children, and start deporting as many as 2 million undocumented immigrants with criminal records.

“It will focus on three to five structural reforms from Day One, including controlling the southern border,” Mr. Gingrich said about the first 100 days of the Trump administration. “It will almost certainly include very dramatic civil service reform to allow us to fire people who are incompetent or corrupt or breaking the law."