Price cuts

(Just getting used to posting in the new format, so bear with me)

21 Konittekock Road, which began life as a listing at $6.8 million in 2015, has now been cut to $4.2. It's a shame that previous posts from the Wordpress site are now unavailable, because I made some fun predictions about that opening price back in the day. Oh well, we'll just have to build new memories.

And another house, whose address I won't mention because its owners are friends of my brother Gideon and still miffed at me, has now dropped from $4.995 million to $3.595. Back in May, when it hit the market at $4.995, I suggested that a more realistic price was probably $3.5, and I heard that the owner was muttering about suing me.

Well he hasn't, and no, I didn't kill the chances of his achieving his pie-in-the-sky price, I just gave an opinion on price that the actual market: potential buyers, that is, proved was accurate. I still like the house very much, and now that it's more reasonably priced who knows? I might even sell it to one of my clients. Stay tuned.

21 Konittekock Rd

21 Konittekock Rd