To be fair, they can't cook or drive a nail, either

Pajama Boy returns for seconds

Pajama Boy returns for seconds

Social Justice Warrior group offers a "Butterball Hotline" to feed children of all ages lines of argument for their Thanksgiving arguments with their betters. It's been my experience that liberals can't do more than spout bumper sticker slogans fed to them by higher-ups, so this could be a real boon to those who like discord with their stuffing.

Many Americans have expressed anxiety over attending this year’s holiday meal if the company’s politics will be mixed. But Showing Up for Racial Justice, or SURJ (pronounced Surge), is urging that people not shy away from uncomfortable conversations.
And if the conversation hits a stalemate, SURJ has created a hotline that provides real-time support to keep the dialogue going.
Inspired by Butterball’s decades-old hotline that provides turkey-cooking help over the holiday season, SURJ’s version invites anyone to text SOS to 82623 to receive a menu of hot-button topics including immigration, the economy, a “Muslim ban” and when someone says “I’m not a racist.” Then SURJ will send a brief talking point on that topic to help guide the conversation.

As I recall, colleges sent their wards home for Thanksgiving with scripts on ObamaCare back some 8 years ago; now that would be a fun topic to revisit.

UPDATE: Aha! Here we go: