This is all part of a crazy plot to stop the Mexicans from reclaiming California: they won't want it



California steps up its efforts to drive dairy farms out of state by forcing them to build methane plants for dung piles. This will have no effect on the dreaded global warming: a cow fart in Idaho goes straight into the same climate Californians enjoy, but it will clear out ugly, unproductive meadows and create more room for tech-millionaires to build weekend homes. 

In addition to destroying its dairy industry, California is going after farmers by denying them water - those same tech-millionaires in San Fransisco have first dibs, and the middle class by using restrictive zoning to prevent them from building houses.

When the dreamers have accomplished their goal, and California is a state comprised exclusively of welfare drones and millionaires, will any country; ours or Mexico, want it? The millionaires will clear out when state services disappear, and Mexico probably doesn't need millions of poor folks added to its own woes. 

Although they'll also get a super-duper high speed railroad plan, all mapped out and ready to go, and who hasn't always wanted a choo choo train?