So take a page from the Democrats, and defund it

Debo Adegbile, Esq., is ready to annoy

Debo Adegbile, Esq., is ready to annoy

Determined to piss on every carpet he can find before leaving, Obama has appointed a notorious cop-killer's attorney to a six-year spot on the Civil Rights Commission.

Police associations are outraged, which is Obama's point, but the appointment is not subject to senate confirmation, so they guy will be around to do his mischief for a long time. He wil be, that is, unless Trump just gets rid of the commission entirely, which is not only a good idea - it's been irrelevant for decades - but an idea with solid precedent:

When they had control of the government, the House Appropriations Committee voted in 1986 to defund the commission, when the Democrat committee members were dissatisfied with Reagan's appointments. The amendment they they introduced to the main funding resolution didn't pass then, but the second time may be the charm. 

And it will provide grand entertainment, in case there won't be enough of that during the next four years.