If it had been a martini mixer, the Democrats would have had the votes

B-double e double r un beer run

B-double e double r un beer run

Voting along party lines, with one faithless Democrat elector crossing over, the BET has turned down the police union's "gift" of a broken down Kawasaki jet ski.

The BET's six Republicans and Democrat Jill Oberlander, ever the snob, declined to accept the jet ski, which doesn't work. 

“This doesn’t seem to me to be something, even though it appears to have no cost, is a very good use of police time,” BET member James Lash said.

Lt. John Brown, head of the Marine Division, told FWIW that there would be a use for the equipment: "I mean, you know we'll find something to do with it," he explained to our editor here at FWIW Worldwide Headquarters. "You got an officer stuck on duty on Island Beach, it's hot, he's thirsty, but the nearest cold beer is back at the marine dock. One of the K-9 guys, who don't do much anyway, could hop on the ol' Kawasaki and be there in just a couple of minutes. 

"And that's just a top of the head scenario," he continued. "If we have it, we'll use it. And a good cop who's down on his luck and can't keep up with repairs on his ski gets a tax break - what's wrong with that?"

"It's a fucking jet ski," former selectman Lash explained to FWIW, "that's what's wrong with it -. This is Greenwich: we don't do jet skis. Now, a tasteful wooden sloop by Pete Culler, say, and it's a different story. Tell the cops to keep trying."