Kellogg's has its standards, damnit!

Kellog's to offended viewers: Shove it

Kellog's to offended viewers: Shove it

Kellog's has, as noted here on Wednesday, pulled all advertising from Breitabrt because the news site "doesn't reflect our values". As explained by company spokesman Kris Carlson, 

"We regularly work with our media buying partners to ensure our ads do not appear on sites that aren't aligned with our values as a company,"

Given that bold statement of company policy, it seems a fair assumption that those advertising venues where Kellogg's does park its dollars do reflect the company's values. Fair enough, and I applaud the company's refusal to backdown in the face of offended consumers when Kellogg's values are criticized. .

Take, for instance, Kellogg's response to viewers offended by its support of the Jon Stewart Show after that entertainer broadcast a "Vagina in a Manager" skit during Christmas depicting a crèche jammed between the Virgin Mary's thighs. Retreat? Hell no!

“We understand that our customers come from a variety of backgrounds, experiences, lifestyles, and cultures and we respect their individual decisions to choose the television programs that they deem acceptable for themselves and their families. Consumers speak most loudly when they vote with their remote control and change the channel or turn off the TV if a program does not fit their personal criteria,” said Kellogg’s, which is based out of Battle Creek, Mich."

It seems to me that this is about Trump, not Breitbart News, which appeared on the Left's horizon when Trump named Breitbart's Steve Bannon as chief strategist for the upcoming administration. If so, Kellogg's may be making the same mistake its favored candidate Hillary Clinton made when she wrote off half the country. Is the company that oblivious, or just confident that when the recount's done, Hillary will be named president after all? Even then, disappointed Trump supporters will still have to eat, and if they won't eat Frosted Flakes, that's going to hurt the sugar purveyor's bottom line; just as consumers can change channels, they can move to the right on the cereal aisle.

But its leaders will have stayed true to their principles, and perhaps that will be enough to satisfy restive shareholders.

(It's mean to suggest it, but it's interesting to speculate what this company's reaction to Stewart would have been had, instead of attacking Christians, he'd done a skit depicting Mohammed's momma giving a blowjob to a camel.)