So what HAS she done with the money?

Jill Stein says she'll drop her demand for a recount in Pennsylvania, for now, and fie suit in federal court tomorrow instead because, she claims, she can't afford to post the $1 million bond which will be forfeited when she loses.

The same news article reminds us that Stein has already raised $7 million from disappointed, bitter-enders from the Hillary persuasion, so where has the money gone? She only had to post $500,000 in Wisconsin (so far, with a quarter of all ballots re-examined, she has netted exactly one vote), and she's still fighting in Michigan to even begin a recount. So, where's the money?

A cynic might think that she wants to hang onto all that cash, rather than pay it to the state to help it recover its costs of recounting ballots, so that she'll have funds to try to develop her image as a viable political candidate going forward. A lawsuit costs almost nothing, especially when it will be dismissed in a vey short time, and she'll have accomplished her goal of staying in the news cycle a few more days and stocking her coffers for her next bid for relevance.