An idiot named Elie Mystal proves that his crowd has its collective head so far up its ass that it can't understand what it did wrong

Duncan Lloyd, Esq.

Duncan Lloyd, Esq.

Mister Mystal (I had to look him up to confirm that - what's a guy, even a whimp like Elie, doing dressed in a girl's name?) is a Trump hater who is disgusted by his own and his peers' limp-wristed response to The Donald's victory. He attempts to illustrate his tirade by using the example of the Philadelphia city attorney vandalizing a retail store's facade and by his own words, demonstrates exactly the smug attitude and intolerance that saw Trump elected.

For the liberal elites, it’s come to this. We’ve been reduced to this. We are all Duncan Lloyd, an assistant city solicitor in Philadelphia. Lloyd was busted by surveillance cameras videoing a buddy spraying “Fuck Trump” on the side of a newly opened Fresh Grocer. Lloyd is pictured below in his civil disobedience uniform.
Yes. That’s a man, wearing an ascot, holding a glass of wine, who tagged an upscale supermarket. 
This is our life now, hyper-educated coastal elites. We’re not going to stock up on guns and insta-waffles. We’re not going to hop in a Prius and ethanol-roll motorists we disagree with. We’re not going to burn an American flag, because we don’t own an American flag, because what kind of jingoistic prick can find space for a freaking flag in a one-bedroom apartment? 
All we can do is turn up our noses, drown ourselves in an earthy vintage, and tastefully vandalize what establishments we pass. We are a broken, beaten people. It’s just like high school. We’ve got our books and our vastly superior reservoirs of knowledge and empathy, they’ve got a viselike grip on our underpants.
“If the image of an upper-middle-class city attorney clad in a blazer and sipping wine while vandalizing an upscale grocery store with an anti-Trump message strikes you as perhaps the most bourgeois sight imaginable, that’s because it is,” said Joe DeFelice, chairman of the Philadelphia Republican Party.
I bet Joe DeFelice doesn’t know how to recognize or pronounce “ascot,” or suspects his supporters are too stupid to know what one is, so he chose to snark Lloyd’s blazer.

While Mystal includes himself in this crowd of misfits and garment-renders, he also demonstrates exactly how he and his "hyper-educated coastal elites" don't get it, didn't get it and from all evidence, will never get it.

"Vastly superior reservoirs of knowledge and empathy"?

Really? The most that can be said for these self-proclaimed elites is that more of them graduated college than did the average Trump supporter (by 9%), but what superior knowledge did they acquire while attending colleges that no longer teach western culture? No history, no literature, no philosophy; even the scientific method is disparaged as being a construct imposed on oppressed people (including white women) by white males. That Mystal and his friends believe that the study of sub-Saharan Africa, a culture that couldn't produce the wheel, let alone medicine or methods of industrial production (and thus, increased wealth for the entire population), is telling. So is their ignorance of the development of democracy and limits on governmental power. These wine-swillers learned nothing in their years hiding on campuses other than a concept of victimhood and self-pity. That doesn't make them educated, it just demonstrates a self-indulgent extended childhood.

"Guns and insta-waffles". They use social shaming and censorship s their weapons instead of guns, and dine, with culturally-appropriated chopsticks, on tofu patties and quinoa mush; that makes them superior?

Finally, consider Mystic's ultimate putdown of the Republican who nailed on the head exactly the type of white liberal who would vandalize a high-end grocery emporium: "I bet Joe DeFelice doesn’t know how to recognize or pronounce “ascot,” or suspects his supporters are too stupid to know what one is ..." Oh how twee, oh how clever! No Eggos for this crowd, and certainly no polyester ties from Walmart's.

Notice that Mystal still doesn't understand why his candidate and by extension his political beliefs lost: he's pissed that no one's doing anything effective about it, vows to resist Trump's agenda, but never ask himself "why?".

Obtuse, ignorant blindness brought about by a false sense of self-worth - now that's an uneducated man.