"Fake news"

A tad mutated, perhaps, but still with us and flourishing

A tad mutated, perhaps, but still with us and flourishing

Greenwich Free Press reports that bees are dying, and it's all global warming's fault.

Oh, please. The offending article was written by a college sophomore, and picking on a young person is like pulling the wings off a fly, but an editor should do at least some minimal fact-checking before letting an earnest young simpleton repeat what her professors have told her. It'd have been nice if the writer herself did that, but today's campus environment doesn't encourage independent thought and skepticism: in fact, I believe it's prohibited entirely.

Google "are bees dying?" and you'll have a huge variety of sources debunking the proposition, including the far-from-right-wing Washington Post: "Call off the bee-pocalpyse - U.S. honeybee population hits 20-year high".

It's understandable that a young student might be confused: even some of the media is addled on the subject, as shown by the two headlines in the Huffington post, below, just a few weeks part - two rags in one! But it's annoying to read one of these "everyone knows" articles when in fact, the author's assumption of knowledge is completely bogus.

I'll leave her assertions about global warming alone, for now.