Pecksland, Twachtman Bros. = no sale

54 Pecksland Road

54 Pecksland Road

54 Pecksland Road, a 1919 spec house by the Twachtman brothers has once again failed to sell and has been rented out instead, for $15,000.

The owners paid $3.5 for this home in 1999, performed a full renovation, and put it back on the market in 2012 at $5.495 million. it didn't sell during the next year so they rented it out, and it's been on the rent roll ever since. This past September they added it back to the sale side, at $4.250 but still no takers. I liked the house when I saw it back in 2012, but thought then that the market for 1919 mock Tudors was limited, and so it's proved. 

Realtors stuck with the listing for these old structures consistently use the phrase "by the acclaimed Twachtman brothers" and perhaps the boys were acclaimed, back in the day. But their days were found between the wars (that would be WWI and WWII; we've been busy with other wars since) and though the allure lasted longer than the brothers did, 100 years on, there's little demand for their designs.

If and when 54 Pecksland sells, I predict it will go for whatever its 3 acres are worth, period. That's probably going to be less than the 1999 price of $3.5.