Hillary puts on one final display of why she lost

With S ir Evelyn And Lynn Forester De Rothschild,, of New York, Martha's Vineyard and Aspen

With Sir Evelyn And Lynn Forester De Rothschild,, of New York, Martha's Vineyard and Aspen

She's trowing a party at the plaza next week for her donors - the millionaire donors, exclusively. 

The irony here is that the little brown people serving Hillary and her fellow 1%ers all, statistically, voted for her, thinking she cared about them and would look after their interests. Fortunately for the country, enough people saw through the lady, observed her partying and grabbing money from her Martha's Vineyard crowd instead of traveling to the heartland, that they saved us from her, and her ugly friends. That result is still awesome; it shouldn't have happened:

 Hillary Clinton blew the most winnable election in modern American history. And it’s her own fault.

I don’t care if the “fundamentals” favored the GOP. Trump was a fundamentals-defying opponent who should have landed flat on his face regardless of the baseline assumptions. I don’t care if Clinton racks up a nearly 3 million vote lead in the popular tally by grabbing up gobs of electorally superfluous ballots in California. She lost the election because she failed to win where she needed to win and where Democrats had a long record of winning — the upper Midwest — as well as where they win when they’re doing their jobs well (Ohio, Florida, Pennsylvania, North Carolina). That’s a sign of a campaign screw-up of monumental proportions.

Most of all, I don’t want to hear about how unfairly Clinton was treated by the media. In comparison to whom? All the other candidates who’ve run for president while under criminal investigation by the FBI? (Maybe that substantial handicap should have overridden the party’s presumption that she was owed the nomination because it was “her turn.”) Or do you mean, instead, that she was treated badly in comparison to her opponent? Really? You mean the one whose 24/7 media coverage was overwhelmingly, relentlessly negative in tone and content? Either way, a halfway competent campaign should have been able to take advantage of the great good fortune of running against Donald J. Trump and left him bleeding in the ditch.