We won't have Sean Dunne to kick around anymore

22 Stillman Lane

22 Stillman Lane

In fact, his posterior hasn't been available for a good kicking in some time, but the bankrupt Irish developer's house at 22 Stillman Lane has, after sitting vacant for the past two years, today been rented out for $17,500. Previous sales attempts (at $5.495 million) were unsuccessful during 2014-2015.

Certainly the residents of Belle Haven won't miss him: in 2010, Business Insider, labelled him "Too drunk, too poor and generally not good enough for Greenwich yacht club".

It's typical that Business Insider would get wrong the distinction between a private association that includes a yacht club and a mere yacht club (its reporters, and certainly its owner, Henry Blodget, would doubtless be denied entry at either), but the story's fun anyway. 

The NYT has a 2009 article that outlines Dunne's rise and fall, if you're curious. Some years later I had the pleasure of driving the author of that article, Landon Thomas, around Greenwich to view Dunne's various not-so-successful projects in town. I was hugely impressed when Thomas knocked on the door of 22 Stillman and asked Dunne for an interview, especially because he'd been giving Dunne Hell over the years, but, though Dunne declined the offer for another chat, he didn't slam the door, just firmly shut it in Thomas's face. "I wouldn't have the balls to do that," I admitted to Thomas when he returned to the truck, He shrugged: "I'm a reporter". 

 It was a fun day.