To the extent this actually works, the ladies are opening themselves to anti-discrimination suits

The Titans of industry regroup

The Titans of industry regroup

Bloomberg reports on the rise of a new form of women's clubs: "co-working" spaces, no boys allowed.

It's unlikely that ladies gathering on a collection of pink wing chairs and critiquing Virginia Wolfe will produce anything of impact, and it's wonderful that these women are rediscovering the joy of freedom of association, but suppose they succeed in their goal of creating hubs of business activity that exclude men? It was exactly that exclusion from business: deals are made on the tee, mergers at men's bars, etc., that brought the women success in their suits against golf clubs and private fraternities and commercial organizations and forced men to admit them into these supposed halls of power.

You remember the Augusta golf club, right? An intense, three-year campaign against Augusta National by the NYT saw that fine paper run something like 180 articles on the importance of the 1/2 of the 1% who are female being allowed to join so they could participate in the economic windfall found on the Bermuda Grass of Georgia. Augusta surrendered, and women across America prospered, but can they now deny the same right to men?

Watch the NYT, and find out.