It was a tax all along, so what's the beef?


Latest CT budget proposal would divert $100 million from the "renewable energy surcharge" to pay for state union pensions and health care. Dress it up as they like, any money extracted from citizens is a tax: the money is fungible, and dumped into the redistribution pool to be doled out to Democrat favorites; state employee unions, welfare recipients, teachers. I'm so old that I remember when gasoline taxes were pledged to road maintenance and highway development. They were hijacked in the early 70s, and never reappeared.

Malloy said Republican legislators and others who opposed formation of the Green Bank in 2011 argued it was a tax, even if the ratepayers’ funds were invested in programs that could reduce their home energy costs.
“But if you’re taking money from ratepayers … and then you say you’re not going to use it for the reason it was actually raised— which was to make ourselves more (energy) efficient — then it really is a tax,” the governor said.