From winner to loser

8 dearfield.jpg

8 Deerfield Drive, a good-looking but tired house across and down the street a little bit from Greenwich Library, hit the market at $1.195 million in 2013 and was promptly sold via bidding war to this owner for $1.4 million. She renovated it over the next 15 months and returned it to the market in early 2015 at $3.825 million. Today that price was cut again, and it can now be yours for $2.5.

The property includes a separate lot on its 0.6 acres, so $2.5 seems pretty reasonable. The renovation was done decently, and if the home weren't right up against busy Deerfield I'm sure it would have sold before this, for more. I'd certainly prefer to live here than in one of those 151 Milbank condos.

Maybe a rental?

I might want to get rid of some of the asphalt 

I might want to get rid of some of the asphalt