I'll ask again; what did he know, and when did he know it?

Well yes, I do remember the name, but not much else, I'm afraid — ask my nurse.

Well yes, I do remember the name, but not much else, I'm afraid — ask my nurse.

Democrat First Selectman candidate Sandy Litvack used the occasion of yesterday's debate to deny any role in handling Harvey Weinstein's predations while Litvack served as general counsel for Weinstein's film company's parent, Disney:

Litvack denied any involvement in the scandal surrounding Weinstein, saying he and Weinstein did not get along at all in their dealings with each other.
“I didn’t draft any settlements for Mr. Weinstein,” Litvack said. “I had nothing to do with Harvey Weinstein. .... I’m not going to defend Harvey Weinstein. I had fights with Harvey Weinstein every day I was there.”

For a man who claims to be qualified to run our town because he was such a hands-on senior executive, serving as Disney's legal counsel, but also someone who fought with Weinstein "every day", is it plausible that Disney's subsidiary film company could have contractually agreed with Weinstein to let him molest whomever he wished, so long as he repaid his employer for out-of-pocket expenses and paid cash penalties for each complaint, without litvack's knowledge and approval? When, it now turns out, everyone else in Hollywood knew of Harvey's "open" secret? Really?

Litvack claimed in the debate that Disneyland "is the happiest place on earth", and promised to transform Greenwich into that same paradise. Perhaps he intends to issue blindfolds to the residents.