What's all this I hear about "speaking truth to power"?

Oooh, don't  say  that!

Oooh, don't say that!

Over at greenwich Free Press (no link, by my choice; I the to give its publisher traffic, in light of her regularly calling me everything from a racist to a homophobe, to an anti—Semite, all because I disagree with her political views), a Mr. James Waters has posted an endorsement of Sandy Litvack. Water's letter is well written, and he makes good points in favor of his position (one I disagree with, mostly, but so what?), but he twice references Litvack as someone who "speaks truth to power". example:

On November 7, I will vote for Sandy Litvack for First Selectman and Peter Bernstein for Board of Education. Litvack is a seasoned and non-partisan executive, a former Vice Chairman of Disney, who speaks truth to power and brings fresh ideas to government.

Litvack worked for Walt Disney, so who did he speak "truth to power" to, Snow White? Certainly not Miramax or its chief executive Harvey Weinstein, and certainly not to anyone holding political power: he's been in town eleven years, and voted in municipal elections once in all that time.

There might be a good reason to vote for Litvack: proof that Greenwich voters aren't ageists, for instance, or, as I mentioned in a comment in the last post, pure entertainment value, but Litvack is hardly a profile in courage.