Unfortunate timing: I'll out of circulation for a week

Gone fishing, and such, with Hugh Glass

Gone fishing, and such, with Hugh Glass

I'm off today to a Maine hunting camp which, my Riverside friend, a Maine native, promised me, has neither cellphone nor Internet service. When I accepted his invitation a month ago I had no idea that I was going to spark a flurry of national media attention the week of departure (from Vogue, which is irrelevant, but also the NYT, which, amazingly, still is, over a few posts about deranged Pussy Hats invading our RTM. I committed to the excursion, and I'm delighted to be going, but now I'm sorry I'll be missing the excitement, and also concerned that my newfound enemies will think I've gone into hiding. Not so: I'll be back, and in fact, if I can find an Internet hotspot — surely there's a McDonald's within 20 miles of anywhere in America, even rural, northern Maine — I'll check in on Sunday, when this backward state forbids hunting. 

I'm worried about renegade comments which are bound to come in after the Times' article is published (this weekend?). I assume Vogue's 30 readers have already weighed in, so no problem there, but who knows with the Times? I've seen other sites' comment sections degrease into a hateful stew of vitriol, and I'd prefer than not happen. For now, I'll leave registered users' comments unmoderated, but I'll try to check back in a few days and see how it's going.

If I do have to shut things down, hold those comments, and we'll resume the debate a week from today.

Enjoy the election.