Geeze, I leave you guys on your own for a couple of days and you blow it!

Congratulations, Honey, you're Third Selectman!

Congratulations, Honey, you're Third Selectman!

Seems as though the Move On crowd emerged from their tunnels and took over the town. Too bad, but at least you can document this election as the final turning point of Greenwich's decline. The state rounded that corner in 1990, when it imposed an income tax on residents and began eliminating any advantage we had over New York and New Jersey. That new money freed the legislators to double the state payroll and spending, while setting up a multi-billion-dollar pension fund deficit, and the rest will be history.

Greenwich will now almost certainly adopt the huge long-term borrowing local Democrats have advocated so that we can have the things we want now, and pay for them later. Once we break up the local schools, we'll be Stamford, without the charm.

One final thought on the successful efforts of Indivisible Greenwich to take over the government: the group was formed by the wife of our Democrat candidate for First Selectman, after she'd joined the Pussy Hat brigade down at Washington's "Move On" parade. If Mayor DeBlasio's wife had announced the formation of a Soros-backed group, Indivisible New York, would you believe her if she said the group would be non-partisan, and without a political agenda? 

It will take a while for that new agenda to take its toll, but Greenwich as a long term proposition looks dubious from here.