Overprice your house, go to jail

 Seller to prisoner in just five seconds

Seller to prisoner in just five seconds

Rene Boucher, the French-Canadian osteopath who assaulted Rand Paul, crushing six ribs, apparently went crazy when his over-priced house wouldn't sell, and he blamed Paul.

The 'socialist' doctor charged with cracking Senator Rand Paul's ribs in a crunching blindside tackle may have harbored a secret grudge against his GOP neighbor for spoiling his lakeside views and 'devaluing' his home, DailyMail.com can reveal. 
Rene Boucher, 59, told Paul in the wake of the mauling that he hadn't been able to sell his $740,000 house for ten years because the congressman's trees were 'in the way'.
It's believed Boucher was referring to woodland at the back of Paul's property that blocks the doctor's views of the picturesque private lake that forms the centerpiece of their upscale gated community.
Property records confirm that Democrat-voting Boucher has indeed put his house on the market five times over the past decade without success
Friends say the trees on Paul's property could explain why the retired anesthesiologist has failed to find a buyer for his five-bedroom, 1.36-acre home which is nonetheless described on property websites as 'overlooking' the desirable water feature
[But] One realtor pal told DailyMail.com the Boucher property probably didn't sell the home simply because it was overpriced
[Realtor Jim Bullington] said Boucher was a regular patron [article notes that Boucher hasn't worked since 2008] at Bowling Green's 440 Main restaurant where he would drink wine and espouse the virtues of ripping up the American healthcare system and replacing it with a publicly-funded service like those in Canada and Great Britain.
Bullington also remembered Boucher voicing frustration that his house had gone unsold.
'Everyone says it's priced too high. He tried to sell it himself because he didn't want to pay any commission to a realtor,' explained Bullington. [emphasis added]

Socialists couldn't be socialists if they accepted reality, so it's no wonder that Boucher didn't want to use the services of a realtor, but how sad to see that a friend of the masses was too selfish to share the wealth with one of us little people.

Don't let this happen to you.