Price it, sell it. Or don't — what do I care?

37 Calhoun Drive

37 Calhoun Drive

37 Calhoun Drive has finally sold, for $5.925 million. Its owners tried selling it for $10.950 back in 2010 and, when that failed, took it off the market until 2013, when they returned at $11.950, with the result seen today.

There is of course nothing shabby about a nearly-six-million sale, but but why wait eight years if you've decided to move?

I declined to attend last evening's GAR Christmas Party at the Riverside Yacht Club due to a reluctance to be pelted with canapes by my colleagues (and I was warned that I would be), but I'll point out that, while  I've discussed this property several times over the years, and poked fun at its inflated pricing aspirations, this past June I noted its last price reduction and suggested that it was approaching bargain status. Maybe that bit of publicity helped? Maybe the same is true of some other properties languishing on the market?

I'm told that at least one local branch manager has defended me to his troops when my name occasionally comes up during company sales meetings, saying, "Chris is telling our customers what we don't dare to — he's taking the bullet for us". That doesn't translate into coin in my pocket, mind you, but I'm glad that someone's noticed.