Hoist by their own petard: I expect only more delicious stories like these in 2018

Mr. Andraya Mitchell (YES, THAT'S A MOUSTACHE) won two girls state championship track meets in CT this year. Congrats!

Mr. Andraya Mitchell (YES, THAT'S A MOUSTACHE) won two girls state championship track meets in CT this year. Congrats!

Women's only swimming area invaded by bikini-clad men.

For decades it has been an oasis for women wishing to swim and sunbathe away from the prying eyes of men.
But now the famous Ladies’ Pond on London’s Hampstead Heath will no longer be a haven preserved for women after a controversial ruling allowed men transitioning to be women to bathe there.
Regular users of the tranquil fresh water pond – used by famous names such as actress Helena Bonham Carter, comedian Rhona Cameron and novelist Esther Freud – have complained in recent months that men who identify as women and wore female bathing clothes were using the pond.
This week, a spokesman for the City of London Corporation which manages the lake, confirmed to the MoS that men transitioning to women will be allowed to use the pond and the female changing rooms.
But last night, female bathers responded with outrage at the prospect of transitioning men being admitted to their ‘special sanctuary’ – despite there being a men’s and a mixed pond available to use on the Heath.
Ms Roberts, who has been swimming in the open-air waters for 32 years, said: ‘I and many others are threatened by having to have essentially “cross dressers” come to the pond and openly use our private space. Women have few private spaces and we have had to fight many times to keep the pond open.
‘Can men not allow women to have any private space?’

Heheheh — where was Ms. Robert's concern when, say, the NYT published 40 articles and editorials condemning Augusta National Golf Club's exclusion of women in just 150 days? When men's clubs all over America and England were forced to admit women? 

So welcome to the club.

Meanwhile, also in England, a woman who requested a female nurse to perform a pap smear was instead met by a bearded, tattooed gentleman who claimed to be "in transition". The NHS apologized after the patient complained, but next year will see a recognition of "self-certification" of transgenders — no actual medical pronouncement necessary — so apology notes will no longer be issued.

Suck it up, honey.