Impeach Trump?

That's what the Democratic party's crazies are demanding but nah, it ain't gonna happen: sorry.

So Maxine Water's demands aren't worthy of comment, but the grounds for impeachment are interesting: exposing our nation to the danger of Russia. That's a surprising shift since 2012.

Here's a list of five times Democrats: Obama, Clinton, John Kerry , Joe Biden and official White House scribe Chris Matthews mocked Romney's assertion that Russia was a threat (for instance, speaking at the Democratic's convention that year, John Kerry called it "a preposterous notion", to loud cheers from the mob). And now, with a new party in the White House,here is the official Left view of its former friend and ally: 

"So we now have something entirely unprecedented in American history—a coup d’état, perpetrated not just by a foreign power, but by America’s principal geopolitical adversary and threat, with the collusion of the new president."

It'd be nice to believe that the Left has come to its senses, but that wouldn't be accurate; same old people, same target, and that target is not the bear to our east.