I try not to post on obituaries because at my age, I'd be busy all day writing about friends and their parents, but ...

We don't do funerals here at FWIW, so I borrowed a photo

We don't do funerals here at FWIW, so I borrowed a photo

Winkie Mead Bishop has died, at 98

During WWII Winkie worked at Machlett Laboratories in Stamford, CT, while Wendell served in the U.S. Army in North Africa and Europe for three years. Upon his return, they built and ran the Wendell L. Bishop Insurance and Real Estate Agency. Married life began in a log cabin in North Stamford with no running water or electricity, and they lived in several homes in Stamford until 1962, when they settled into their favorite on Old Greenwich Cove near Tod's Point. Winkie remained there until 2012, when she went to live with daughter Mary in Santa Fe. She had visited New Mexico frequently and held a great affection for Santa Fe's dramatic landscape, architecture and cultural diversity.

Winkie and Wendell both loved to travel, and, beginning in 1952, toured frequently with their children in an Airstream trailer throughout the United States, Mexico and Canada. They also drove through Europe for extended periods, preferring to explore off the beaten track and always sampling new cuisines. They crossed the Atlantic 10 times by ship (including a memorable voyage with then ten-year-old granddaughter Sophy) and circumnavigated the globe on the QE2 six times exploring Africa, South-East Asia and Australia. She kept a detailed diary of every trip.

Winkie had an extremely curious mind and frequently sought out encyclopedias, books and periodicals (and her children's smart phones) to research questions on myriad topics. Active both indoors and out, she enjoyed rug hooking, painting, cooking, canning and sewing as well as gardening, swimming, canoeing and sailing on Long Island Sound. She loved animals and, as a child, had pets that included ponies and pigs as well as cats and dogs. She grew up horseback riding with her family, rode in local parades and recalled performing in neighborhood "wild west shows" with her two brothers and two sisters. From beginning to end, she led a full and active life..

Indeed she did. Those of us lucky to know her were blessed. God speed, Winkie.