Speaking of obituaries, did anyone else watch the Democrats last night?

Well I did, and it was fun watching them squirm, staying put in their seats during completely non-partisan calls for unity and paeans to life, liberty and the pursuit of justice. I get it: they don't believe a word The Donald says, and their liberal base would crucify them if they appeared to be swallowing the Kool Aid, but still ... enjoyable.

I particularly liked the utter hubris expressed by this nobody politician, writing in the NY Daily News: 

If you watched President Trump’s speech tonight, you may have missed a familiar sight: me, leaning in to greet the President and shake his hand.

Well no, Mr. Congressman, I didn't notice you sitting on your hands; in fact, it's entirely likely that no one did, but you stay strong: the country cries for your leadership. 

As an aside, this Congressman wrote his "explanation" of why he had refused to shake the president's hand before the speech. Sad.