So the experts on this kind of stuff are right here in the readership pool; the loss of inventory (political influence), just a plain ol' underperformer, or the usual hedge fund life cycle?

Clinton's son-in-law shutting down his hedge fund

My guess is that, had the election results been different, Mezinsky's investors would have shown more patience, but I'm a cynic.

Is it odd, or just a sign of the times, that both Trump's and Clinton's son-in-laws have fathers who've served time in jail? 

Chelsea Clinton’s husband ... Marc Mezvinsky, has closed his failed hedge fund, Eaglevale Partners, according to a Bloomberg report.

The hedge fund, which was launched in 2011 with the help of Goldman Sachs CEO and longtime Clinton supporter Lloyd Blankfein, shut down in December, and is in the process of returning money to investors.

Eaglevale Partners was not very successful. In May 2016, Mezvinsky announcedthe shutting down of a special Greece-focused investment fund that had lost nearly 90 percent of its value in two years.

Mezvinsky’s career in finance has been slightly more successful than that of his father, former Congressman Edward Mezvinsky, who served five years in jail for defrauded his friends and family members out of millions of dollars.

Mezvinsky and Chelsea Clinton live in Manhattan in a $10 million “luxury fortress” in the posh Flatiron District. The marriage has had its ups and downs. In 2011, for example, less than a year after tying the knot, Mezvinsky fled to Jackson Hole for an unexplained three-month skiing holiday.

Perhaps the hedge fund is closing for political reasons. Increasingly saucy Chelseais rumored to be considering a run for Congress in New York, and being married to a hedge fund manager could complicate her efforts to “connect” with commoners. But it’s more likely that investors just lost interest in giving Mezvinsky their money as soon as Hillary Clinton lost the presidential election.