Did the Twitterer in Chief fire Preet Bharara out of jealousy?

Love this guy!

Love this guy!

Just days after he started a Twitter account, U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara was included in the otherwise-normal sweeping out of U.S. Attorneys by The Donald (Janet Reno fired 93 out of 94 of them). As recently as November 30, Trump announced that Bharara would be staying on, presumably because Trump was pleased with the man's dogged pursuit and bi-partisan prosecution of corrupt New York politicians. 

But Bharara also went after Wall Street executives, and my suspicion is that the Goldman gang in the White House, lead by Gary Cohn, wanted him gone - when he started up his own Twitter account, did Trump see that as a threat to his egotistical demand that he, and he alone, be the center of attention, and did this tip the scales in favor of the Goldman camp?

At least one contributor to Zero Hedge claims that the Goldman globalists in the White House are winning the battle to continue the so-called "free trade" policy of Trump's predecessors, as opposed to the "fair trade" advocated by earlier Trump advisors. Obviously, some guy like me typing on a computer from his mother's basement has no insight into what's actually going on down in the capital, but if you combine the actions Trump's taken in these two separate areas with the flood of Goldman people and the man's own ego, demonstrated over decades, inferences as to intentions and motives don't strike me as absurd: something spurred this change of heart.

Over at Instapundit, Professor Glenn Reynolds has another take, and endorses the firing.

I respect Reynolds, hugely, but in this case, I disagree.